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Our Mission

Our mission is to draw attention to the importance of elimination of conflict-related sexual violence and to educate about wartime rape what cannot be linked to any ethnicity, and there are no particular nations culpable.

We aim:
- to raise awareness on eliminating conflict-related sexual violence;
- to highlight different CRSV patterns through testimonies;
- to demonstrate that wartime rape emerges as a result of various socio-psychological phenomena;
- to give a voice to survivors that can contribute to transfer the stigma on perpetrators;
- to create a platform for remembrance to survivors and relatives;
- to offer an educational tutorial for a better understanding of CRSV;
- to encourage scholars, journalists, and policymakers to contribute to preventing conflict-related sexual violence.


This website is a result of the cooperation of two Hungarian scholars, Anna Luca Lator and Réka Kemény who conduct their research on conflict-related sexual violence (CRSV) and gender studies.

Since CRSV is topical than ever, we encourage other scholars, academics, NGO workers, and human rights activists to contribute to the website and develop it further together.

Our Partners

We are constantly seeking for professional and project cooperation, and since the content of the website is under construction, we are always open for interns to contribute to the development. Please contact us!

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